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We’re not just a food company; we’re culinary artisans with a passion for innovation. Explore our diverse range of premium products crafted with care and precision across our two specialized production lines.


Agrand, the mother company of FouDelicious, was born in a home kitchen in May 2019. It began with simple appliances and a vision to create exceptional, 100% natural nut butters. Under our brand ‘FouDelicious’, we crafted products that resonated with purity and homemade quality.

moulinex- grinder for peanut butter

Natural Nut Butter & Healthy Snacks!

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In 2021, our journey led us to a new milestone: transitioning to an ISO 22000:2018 compliant factory. This expansion, while boosting our production capacity, didn’t alter our essence. We stayed true to our original, natural recipes, ensuring that every ‘FouDelicious’ product continues to embody the heart and soul of Agrand –
a blend of tradition and innovation, delivering nature’s goodness in every jar.


In 2023, we thought about building a production line that can benefit the chain from farmers to consumers. This was our start with Zaatar and Sumac.

This line only produces products to be sold in bulk and private labeled.

Zaatar and Sumac Grinding Line

Indulge in the authentic flavors of the Middle East with our finely ground zaatar and sumac. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or a business looking for quality spices, our grinding line has you covered.

Our Happy Clients!

“You can taste the authenticity in the Agrand Foudelicious peanut butter. I’ve been a big fan of peanut butter my whole life and this one definitely takes the top spot for me.”

Dana As

“You can smell the freshness inside the jar! it feels like you are sitting inside a farm of peanuts! It tastes amazing!”


Anthony R

“I used to hate peanut butter, and this hate came after trying commercial peanut butter many times. After I tasted the Foudelicious natural Peanut butter I became addicted!”

Anastasia I

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